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The concept of SPIRIT Support Services started in early 2021, while founder Colin Proudley was working with a large Queensland NDIS disability provider.

The name S P I R I T is an acronym, ‘supporting people in reaching individual transformation.’

I had become increasingly aware that customers were unhappy with a service that they were getting, a service that they necessary didn’t want, by persons that really didn’t care, culminating in an event where a customer wanted to do something , the customers family was keen for this to happen, but the provider decided that it couldn’t be done, the way this happened was that the provider couldn’t stop the customer but they could stop the support, I was left very frustrated, I could really sympathise with the customer, after all, we were there to support.

It was during this time that I really looked at what I stood for and what I would like to see happen, what was my purpose, motivation for what I was doing, it was then Spirit was birthed, what was my purpose, the answer was I am supporting people.

What was I supporting people doing, the answer came when realising that when people have dreams or challenges to overcome, they, building on existing foundations, strive to reach or achieve their goals.

In reaching they achieve their hopes, dreams and goals.

The last part came about by trying to understand what happens when we reach and achieve our goals and dreams. What happens, is that it transforms the individual concerned, that was the last piece, individual transformation.

SPIRIT sums up the very thing that me as an individual stands for, I am supporting people to achieve the things they want, helping them to achieve and transform into the person that they want to be, these people are all heroes to me.

“a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

Christopher Reeve

It is a privilege and honour for me to Support People In Reaching Individual Transformation.

I was weary of Colin at first, however after 18 months, Colin is now one of my closet friends. In the first few months I didn’t really acknowledge him other than a few nods or shakes of my head.

Most of my time was spent at home and that is all I wanted at the time, then Colin started coming out.

Colin started coming out and trying to assist me to encourage me to do other healthy activities that would make my life more fulfilling.

Colin has imparted important life skills and a variety of knowledge, about construction and carpentry, but it is not all about life skills and knowledge, we try and balance it out with movie days and Lego projects we both enjoy.

I look forward to our future adventures.


Kai | Spirit Support Services

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