Disability Support Services

NDIS Disability support and Supported Independent Living

Spirit Support provides in-home support, personal care, supported independent living and small home repairs in the Rockhampton area.

In Home Support

Providing in-home care services for people living with a disability, their families and carers so they can live a full, happy and fulfilled independent life, if you need help around the home, overnight care, support with life skills or just a little more support with more complex needs, I can help to meet your needs, weather you require assistance once a day, morning and night or just every now and then, we are available for support.

Spirit Support Services encourages Independent Living.

Personal Care

Spirit Support Services understand the importance of dignity, privacy and respect, appreciating the intimate nature of personal care, so we take the time to understand you and your personal needs, your likes and dislikes and tailor your care to your instructions so you feel most comfortable, assisting people with the daily personal hygiene tasks they find difficult to do on their own including bathing, showering, toileting and dressing, helping support, customers too enjoy living at home with greater independence.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Spirit Support Services believes we can help with daily tasks encouraging customers live as independently as possible, while building their skills.

Customers can receive support to live as independently as possible, we can help with daily living tasks like shopping, cooking and cleaning, work around the home, help you to access social and community activities, manage and attend appointments with you, develop individual plans to help you achieve your goals.

Small Home Repairs

I am a fully qualified tradesman with 35 years plus experience as a Maintenance Fitter, I fully understand that sometimes you just need to tighten screw or maybe fix a gate, maybe fix a leaking tap, I understand the hassle of sometimes getting small things done around the home completed, I am here to help service the needs of the home so your life can be more comfortable and stress free.

For the Past 18 months, Colin from Spirit has been supporting Kai in overcoming many challenges associated with his disability.

After quickly establishing a rapport with Kai, Colin has encouraged and nurtured Kai to enable him to deal with what used to be overwhelming challenges.

Colin’s ‘can do’ attitude, backed by his variety of skills such as carpentry, engineering and general life skills, have inspired Kai to learn new skills and be more active in the community.

With Colin’s support, I know Kai’s transformation from ‘disabled’ to ‘enabled’ is well underway.

Janelle (Kai’s mum)

Kai | Spirit Support Services

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