Meet Colin,

Colin is an experienced Disabilities & Aged Care provider.

Colin from Spirit Support Services

Colin is an independent support worker based in Rockhampton that has made it his mission to provide professional, quality, old fashioned service that goes beyond expectation while using the latest practices.

Delivering a personal service that is customer focussed, building on life skills, empowering persons with a disability to develop new skills to encourage a lifestyle of fulfilment, happiness, transformation and independence.

Providing disability support services in Rockhampton, Gracemere, Bouldercombe and Mount Morgan.

Enquire aout our service Call Colin for a chat 0477 803 201

A hands-on approach to disability service

A hands-on approach to disability service | Spirit Support Services

Colin is a CAN-DO person, looking for ways to achieve goals, while finding ways to enable people to achieve their ambitions and dreams, encouraging people to live a balanced life that is meaningful and rewarding, leading to a fulfilled life.

What makes Colin’s hands-on approach different?

What makes Colin’s hands-on approach different? | Spirit Support Services

With a life, filled with practical experience, Colin is able to impart his skills readily. Coming from a trade background Colin has tackled many and interesting challenges with positive results. He brings a wealth of knowledge with an abundance of life skills, taught with hands on approached to allow experienced based learning around domestic duties, home maintenance, budgeting right through to fine motor skills development, using Lego.

I am of the belief that everyone should have great life skills and to be able to enjoy the benefits to the fullest, expanding on life’s building blocks.

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